Biography - Peggy White

Peggy White was born in Gainsville, Florida and grew up in a rural town outside of Gainsville.  At a young age she received Christ as her Saviour in the local church.
She attended the local high school. Once when she was in high school in an Americanism versus Communism class a question came up.  Why is America different? 
As she began to realize America was different the question of why America was different became a bigger puzzle.  She tucked these ideas away and lived through the sixties and seventies. 
In the seventies she attended the Community College in Gainsville.  Later in life She graduated from Luther Rice College in Georgia.  While homeschooling her children she received training in the “American Christian Philosophy of History, Government, and Education-The Providential View”.  This was from Pilgrim Institute, an educational ministry from Indiana.  From these education seminars she developed a love and passion for learning and a love for America and liberty. 
Peggy began to see some answers to that question of why America was different as she learned of our history.  She has taught numerous workshops at seminars related to history, literature, and other subjects and is currently teaching at a Christian school in the Orlando, Florida area. She is the mother of four and the grandmother of twelve. 
Her son, Darren White, has been active in areas of re-educating through writing articles that shed light on the political arena of our time and the principles of history and government.  His articles that you will find here will be filled with his special wit and passion for America.